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interviews with bands, labels, zines and everything related to screamo, punk and things I like. this is my way of helping those who put effort and passion into what they do

interview with ICE HOCKEY

1- where are you from?
We are from the Quad-Cities. It is a group of cities on the eastern Iowa and western Illinois border, seperated by the Mississippi. Two of us are from Iowa and the other 3 are from Illinois. There are 5 main cities. Davenport and Bettendorf on the Iowa Side. Rock Island, Moline and East Moline on the Illinois side. They tried to change the name to the Quint Cities once, but everyone said no. 
2- what do you do in the band?
Scottie does vocals, Tom plays the drums, Marcus plays bass, Andrew plays keyboards and Joe does vocals and plays guitar
3- what are your upcoming projects?
We are working on a full-length right now. We are in the writing process and will hopefully be recording it this summer and try to get with people who would want to put it out. We are playing a few shows in the Quad-Cities this summer. We are playing with Two Knights, Prawn, Old Gray + Scowler (in Iowa City), Residual Kid, GRYSCL. We have been taking a break from touring. Our van ran into some issues after our tour down to Texas with Gas Up yr hearse! so we had to sell it and haven’t been able to afford a new one. We are also in the planning stages for some really cool splits with really neat bands that we are hoping will happen. 
4- tell us something that we don’t know but should know about your band.
 We will love you if you quote Wet Hot American Summer.
5- what bands do you like these days? what have you listened to today?
Joe has been jamming Daephne (, the new Youth Novel ep (, Sirens (, the soundtrack to Halloween 3, the soudtrack to the Maniac remake, and Paramore.
Thomas has been jamming Outkast and Mastodon
Marcus has been listening to a lot of chip tune punk made by Shawn Daley ( and the film scores of Basil Poledouris
Andrew has been listening to Tom Vek, Tame Impala and Sunn O))) this week.
Scottie just listens to the Smiths (Elliott, Robert, Will)
6- do you have friends in bands or who run labels/zines that we should
know about?
Yeah, everyone needs to listen and check out the bands Victor Shores, Two Knights, Flesh Born, Laika, Weakness, Odd Dates, Mothlight, Youth Novel, Scowler, Marcy, GRYSCL, Joie De Vivre, SRVVLST, Youth Funeral, SLOTHS, Swells, The Easy Mark, Gas up yr hearse!, Enta, Yusuke, Lyed, Haunter, Moaded, For Want Of, My Iron Lung, Summer Vacation, Kilgore Trout, Koaru Nagisa, 10,000 Leagues, Flowers Taped to Pens, Left Astray (CA), Griswold, Itto, Blue Friend.
Check out the labels Skeletal Lightning, Trends Die Records, The Ghost is Clear Records, Off Cloud Nine Label, Reality Is a Cult, Middle Man Records. 
KYEO Speaks is a cool zine
7- why are you in a band and what do you want to accomplish in said band?
Obviously, we are all in it for different reasons, or at the very least, were led to the decision because of different circumstances. At the end of the day, being in a band allows us to further our creative output. It allows us to collaborate with our best friends. We meet so many great people because of it. We are in a position where we can help out our friends. It has allowed us to travel the country with our best friends. We couldn’t ask for anything more. However, in our wildest dreams, it would be really awesome if we could just write music and tour without working crappy jobs. That being said, only 2 of us have jobs. So, that’s not even that out of the realm of possibility. 
8- how did you decide upon your band’s name?
It’s kind of a long story and there are actually a lot of reasons why. There is a story that involves the police and our first tour (we were still known as Woglake back then) that definitely had some influence on it. But, I’ll avoid the specifics for the sake of the people involved. However, I will say another aspect was that in the spring of ‘13 we were writing a lot at Tom’s house. He lives right next to a bar (in the parking lot actually. It’s weird.) and we would all go next door and watch the hockey game and then write and practice in between the periods. 
9- when was the last time you slept on a floor?
As a band, the last time we slept on the floor was in March during our last tour. Scottie is probably sleeping on a floor right now. Joe slept on a floor last night. Tom, Marcus and Andrew are all about that bed life. 
10- do you have anything more to say?
Listen to more Ten Grand. And contact us if you want to talk. Or buy us a van. Our put our music on vinyl.

interview with HOLY

1 where are you from?
Hi! We’re Holy, we’re from Milano, Italy. A city known all around the world because of fashion, design, banks and pollution.

2 what do you do in the band?
I’m Stefano, I write lyrics and sing. I usually try to be part of the writing process of the songs, but probably my skills as a musician are very little, so i do not take credit for it.

3 what are your upcoming projects?
Right now our new record “Seclusion MMXIV” is out on adagio830/vitriol. And we’re gettin ready to play the new songs on our upcoming euro tour. It will start on tge 18th of july, we’re gonna share the stage with our good friends in Törsø (, and we’re also gonna play a couple of shows with our buddies in LaQuiete (no description needed…). So spread the word!
In august we will tour US east cost along with Dangers and Graf Orlock, and we’re superstoked about it. It will be our second US tour, and we can’t wait to play and see new cities and meet new people.

4. tell us something that we don’t know but should know about your band.
Mmm, ok let’s try, even there’s nothing so special about four person playing in a band.
Punk takes a lot of time of our lives. Giacomo and Tadzio also plays in a dbeat/rawpunk band, Komplott (, Giacomo also plays in Törsø.  Stefano (not me but the guitar player, same name!) Plays bass in a hardcore/fastcore band, Class ( and started a sort of solo punkrock/emo project, Bordo ( I’m trying to run a sort of label with my flatmate Martina, It’s called Brinner, and we’re focused on releasing tapes and zines. We’re also involved in booking shows in our town.

5 what bands do you like these days? what have you listened to today?
We’re all voracious music listeners. We listen to almost all kinds of punk and also a lot of different genres (from jazz, to hip hop and metal)
Speaking only for myself today I’ve listened to water torture, zoundz, crisis, rancid, sport, the descendents.

6 do you have friends in bands or who run labels/zines that we should

know about?
I’ve probably, at least partially, already answered, to this question. Besides the other bands we’re involved I’d also like to invite you to check some good bands from Milano,  Tongues ( and our fellow label mates Council of Rats, Adagio830 ( But besides them there are plenty of good italian bands you should listen to, like Left in ruins, LaProspettiva, crop circles, drug problems, attrito and many more.

7 - why are you in a band and what do you want to accomplish in said band?
Being in a band is something that I’ve always done since I first met punk. It’s so far, the best way I’ve experienced to travel around the world and I consider it an outlet for my political ideas and my feelings, and it gives me the chance to get in touch with others people ideas and keeps my mind open. When we started the band we didn’t have any sort of agenda, but i realized that there is something cathartic in writing songs and lyrics, jump on van, and then drive from town to town to make them be heard. You can have good shows, you can have bad shows, you will most definitivety lose money, but it is the whole process that matters, and it’s worth the effort.

8 how did you decide upon your band’s name?
Ok, this has become somehow THE question. We were looking for a short but strong name, and we wanted it to be very easy to remember but also in some way sarcastic and ironic. So “holy” sounded perfect. We were sure the name would cause some musunderstanding but also we tought that our lyrics are pretty explicit about religion, so the joke would be easy to undestand, we also choosed for our first two records sone very heavy/dark religious artwork, and probably it doesn’t help. So once again let me be straight about it “we’re not a religious band, we’re atheist/rationalist”.

9 when was the last time you slept on a floor?
Let me think about it…probabably around the end of april when we had a show in Ravenna. By the way the other guys slept on  beds, I was the only one on the floor.

10 do you have anything more to say?
Why not consider someone else? Stop consuming animals.

Thank you for this nice little chat

interview with SEVENTEEN AGAIN

1. where are you from?

My name is Jonathan. I am from Kalamazoo.

2. what do you do in the band?

 I play guitar and do vocals.

3.  what are your upcoming projects?

 I’m currently working on a cross-platform video game that will involve collecting bananas, riding various animals (while you play as a monkey/ape), and getting in and out of wooden barrels that are located at strategic points throughout the level. It will be called Dankey Kang.

4. tell us something that we don’t know but should know about your band.

We play in too many different bands. But we like it.

5.  what bands do you like these days? what have you listened to today?

I’ve only been awake for an hour and somehow I’ve managed to listen to Architecture in Helsinki, Loma Prieta, and Mark McGuire (which is a silly combination of bands). We all listen to a lot of different music. I recently discovered Swans and I’ve been really liking that. I spend a lot of time listening to Battles, The Knife, Animal Collective, Infinite Body, Grouper, Talking Heads, B-52s and Do Make Say Think. Hardcore/Screamo stuff that I usually listen to: Botch, Graf Orlock, Daughters, Gaza, and Loma Prieta.

6. do you have friends in bands or who run labels/zines that we should

know about?

 I’m happy to say that we have too many friends that are doing too many doing cool things for me to list it all here. 

But to name a few:
Bobby Johnson from The Ghost is Clear Records. Ingo from I.Corrupt records. The guy(s) over at Chug Life. David from Zegema Beach. Friends bands that should not be forgotten or missed: Brighter Arrows, Caution Children, Life in Vacuum, Flesh Born, Scowler, and as always Cloud Mouth (RIP). 

7. why are you in a band and what do you want to accomplish in said band?

 I’m in this band because I like trying new things. I can only hope to keep trying new things in said band.

8. how did you decide upon your band’s name?

My best friend Brok decided on the band name some time ago. His idea was that it would be difficult to find the band online because of the (presumably) excellent movie 17 Again starring Matthew Perry and Zach Efron that achieved moderate popularity in the late 2000s. He’s really good at coming up with band names.

9. when was the last time you slept on a floor?

 I slept on the floor in May on tour with The Reptilian in Germany. I slept on the ground last week while camping in northern Michigan with my lovely partner and her dog. Sleeping on the ground/floor is good for you.

10. do you have anything more to say?

 Listen to Lockender. 

Thanks for thinking about us! Happy to help!


1- where are you from?

Baltimore, MD 

2- what do you do in the band?

I’m Eric and I play bass in the band. 

3- what are your upcoming projects?

We will be releasing our debut full length on Mayfly Records hopefully this fall. 

4- tell us something that we don’t know but should know about your band.

 We did our first tour in my Honda Accord. 

5- what bands do you like these days? what have you listened to today?

I’ve been watching a lot of live Paramore videos on YouTube and the rough mixes of our full length.  Besides that, the new Frameworks. Oh, and I just heard the new Every Time I Die record. It’s pretty rad!

6- do you have friends in bands or who run labels/zines that we should

know about?

-The Heads Are Zeros (MD)

-Messes (KY)


-Tir Asleen (GA)

They all work really hard are amazing people. 

Trends Die Records, The Ghost Is Clear Records, Suspended Soul Tapes & Records, Driftwood Records, and Fake Crab Records. 

 7- why are you in a band and what do you want to accomplish in said band?

I’m in a band because I want to make people feel the same way I did when I went to my first local DIY show. I want them to know that the possibilities are endless and you can do anything you put your mind to. You can be an outcast, but accepted in a smelly basement. You can express your emotions without being judged. You can dress however you want. I want to take them away from all the bullshit in their lives during our 20 minute set. I guess I want to keep Punk Rock alive? That’s punk right?

Oh, I also like to travel and meet new people!

8- how did you decide upon your band’s name?

I joined the band after the name was decided on, but I’ve heard that it was based off of the Johnny Cash version of You Are My Sunshine. 

9- when was the last time you slept on a floor?

Probably last week. I always sleep on my friend Sean’s floor when I stay over at his house. I like falling asleep to the TV (he takes the couch where the TV is) and I consider it sort of “practice” for tour. On the road, we travel with two pull out futons that we call “road sofa’s”, so at least one of us have to take the floor every night. 

10- do you have anything more to say?

We’re going to be touring the North East this August and we’ll be releasing new music before the year is up. Come drink a beer and smoke a bowl with us on the road. Thanks!


1- where are you from?

We’re all living in Montreal, except for Kevin, who lives in Vancouver.

2- what do you do in the band?

I’m Alex, and I do all of the shouting. Taylor drums, Kevin and Mean Jean play guitar, and Balloo plays bass. 

3- what are your upcoming projects?

We’ve got an EP coming out this week, so we’ve got a handful of shows coming up. I think we might take a breather in the late summer/early fall to do some writing. After that, more recording, more gigs, more fun. 

4- tell us something that we don’t know but should know about your band.

Kevin performs stand-up comedy in Vancouver. Taylor runs a fantastic mexican restaurant/delivery service called Velo Burrito. Mean Jean can open most locked doors through sheer brute strength. Balloo owns the greatest pair of Guns N Roses sweatpants any of us have ever seen. My favourite television show is Murder She Wrote.

5- what bands do you like these days? what have you listened to today?

I’m pretty all over the place lately. A lot of soul and R&B because it’s been so nice out lately. I’ve been really into the last Har Har Superstar record, Bye Bye Seventeen. Ceremony, Trash Talk, Noothgrush, Scholastic Deth, Iron Chic, Like Bats. There’s a band called Institute from Texas that Taylor got me into, and I’ve been listening to their demo 12” a lot. And a shitload of hip hop. Balloo and I are both big A$AP Rocky/Ferg/Mob fans, so that’s been getting a lot of play.

6- do you have friends in bands or who run labels/zines that we should know about?

Oktoplut. The new LP is un-fuck-withable. I will not rest until they’re officially recognized as the greatest band in Canada.  

7- why are you in a band and what do you want to accomplish in said band?

Speaking for myself, it’s basically all I’m really wired to do. I don’t have a whole bunch of marketable skills, but I’m good at this. And it’s fun as hell. So we’ll keep writing and playing shows for as long as it’s fun. I don’t think we’re too stressed out about achieving any specific goals with the band. We’re happy just playing as many shows as possible and seeing where it takes us.

8- how did you decide upon your band’s name?

The name was already in place when I came in. There’s a story, I’m sure.

9- when was the last time you slept on a floor?

A few weeks ago? May 9th? That sounds about right. After a show in Toronto. Specifically, I fell asleep on the floor of a friend’s living room, behind the TV for some reason. At 7:00am. 

10- do you have anything more to say?

I’m rewatching all of Newsradio right now, which has confirmed what I already knew: Newsradio is one of the greatest television sitcoms ever produced. Watch Newsradio.


       My van was stolen yesterday in Chicago with everything Danny and I own in it, along with 4 friends’ guitars/personal items/passports. We’ve been away from home for nearly 6 months. Touring from New York to Florida, then out to LA. Stayed in LA for 3 months to write and record a full length while living in the van. And then planned to tour back through Canada finishing in NY.

         We got through Canada but lost everything yesterday in Chicago. The window was smashed out, and the van was taken in broad day light near Wicker Park. Total of somewhere near $25k worth of amps, guitars, recording equipment, and personal belongings. We don’t have any type of insurance that will cover any of these losses. I’m going to try to update photos of all of the gear…I’ll post what would be most noticeable if it popped up somewhere around Chicago or anywhere.

          Also, Some people have reached out wanting to donate. It’s truly amazing how supportive friends have been. If you want to help out at all there is a paypal at

       Most of the gear, including the van, I bought from sleeping on my floor for 6 months while renting my room on airbnb and working full time at a Japanese restaurant.  Danny incurred about 10k in debt buying recording equipment to finish the Mason Avery (His other project) record over the past 6 years that is now lost, as the four copies of mixes are on harddrives/computers/laptops in the van. Luckily, the Go Deep record is backed up in LA. We are feeling generally sick after pushing so hard to make music happen in our lives. If you want to help out, hit us on the paypal. Everything helps, and it will go directly to getting us back to being touring musicians.

        If you have any questions regarding anything or have any leads, email me at or get me on facebook. I’m gonna go buy a sweater now. It was cold last night. 

The Van

Green Ford E-350 2001

License Plate GKJ3343

Driver-side rear view mirror has black tape holding it up.

Rear right tire is missing it’s hubcap.

Dent at bottom of passenger rear door. And rust along the bottom edges.

Select Items that may be noticable

Seafoam Green Dillion Mosrite Guitar

Fender “Musicmaster II” Red Guitar Serial - 151330

Fender Telecaster Sunburst  Guitar - Serial - z9475201

Fender Telecaster White (Yellow Pickguard) Guitar Wear marks on front. Deftones sticker on back. 

Gibson Les Paul Signature “T” Guitar Truss rod cover changed for blank. Black/Cream binding Serial-134921439

Hohner Dark Brown Acoustic Guitar (repaired crack on the neck)

Yamaha FG-180 Acoustic Guitar Serial - 1528031

2013 Black Fender “p” Bass Guitar MIM With black Pick Guard

Universal Audio Solo 610 Preamp for Microphone

Pearl Export Drum Kit Dark Green, (Kick, two tom drums)

Zildjian K Custom 20” Ride Cymbal

Zildjian K Custom 13” Dark Hi-Hat Cymbals (pair)

Zildjian A Custom 16” Medium Crash

Zildjian “17” Fast Crash

Peavey JSX Head (Front Logo Missing)

Peavey 3120 Head

Marshall 4x12 Cab (Light Color Wood)

Acoustic 370 Bass Head

Acoustic 406 2x15 Bass Cabinet

Glyph Small Black External Hard Drive. ««<Whats on this drive means the world to us. There were 3 other copies…all on computers/hard drives in the van

LaCie Rugged Orange and Silver External Hard Drive ««<Whats on this drive means the world to us. There were 3 other copies…all on computers/hard drives in the van

Apogee Duet Sound Card Silver and Black

Strobo Stomp Tuner

Paypal :


I don’t know this band, but their situation sucks! Help them out if you can

Hey Montreal, this is tomorrow!

I dont know if i got any followers around Ontario, but my band is playing a couple of shows there. share plz.

If you had to choose a name for a dog ( male Labrador), what would it be?


Hey (internet) friends,

We (thediscordofaforgottensketch//TDOAFS) are planning a little tour for this summer around the last week of july/ first of august.

Would i have any friends that can help us with some shows around pennsylvania, ohio and michigan?