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shitty interviews with bands, labels, zines and everything related to screamo, punk and things I like. this is my way of helping those who put effort and passion into what they do

Hey Montreal, this is tomorrow!

I dont know if i got any followers around Ontario, but my band is playing a couple of shows there. share plz.

If you had to choose a name for a dog ( male Labrador), what would it be?


Hey (internet) friends,

We (thediscordofaforgottensketch//TDOAFS) are planning a little tour for this summer around the last week of july/ first of august.

Would i have any friends that can help us with some shows around pennsylvania, ohio and michigan?



1. Originally everyone is from Montclair, NJ, while I ( Tyler) am from Lodi, NJ.

2. I play guitar in the band. 
3. A split 5” with Arrows in her and we are contributing a track for  the swollen lungs 7” compilation featuring bands such as MNWA, Discord of a forgotten sketch, Gas up yr hearse, coma regalia, carrion spring ETC.
4.At the time of our demo recording our ages spanned 16-20, we were very young and did it all ourselves. Also, we feature members of the band Tawny Peaks. Whom, are quite amazing.
5. The guidelines “S/T EP” released last year was probably the best release of 2012. I know Josh ( our other guitarist) and I love bands like Capacities, Guidelines, 7 Angels 7 Plagues and Loma Prieta. Also, we listen to a shit load of corny metalxcore.
6. We are close with and love Dirtdrinker, Gifts, Mallard, Arrows in her, Capacities, Tawny peaks, Guidelines and Toasted Plastic!!  Kyeo Speaks and Seven inches to freedom are two of my favorite zines for sure. Mark chen is the funniest dude on facebook.
7. I think we are all aiming to express ourselves and do something different. I hope that with our future releases we show that we want to break the mold and change what people expect from your average screamo or “skramz” band. I, myself want to simply sound like the kind of band that i’d love to see at a show or hear. 
8. Isabel was very close with the monk Daido Loori in her life. 
9. In Philly, I was hella schway.
10. Not even we know what the future holds, but hopefully we will continue to put out music. Expect new songs to be darker, longer and to blow the demo out of the water. We will be touring the east coast and midwest with DIRTDRINKER from the UK this summer. I hope that we can leave an everlasting mark on each of our listeners. Thank you for asking us to participate in this interview, though we were so late to reply!

June 18 – The Meatlocker, Montclair, New Jersey
June 19 – NYC, New York
June 20 – Boston, Massachusetts
June 21 – The Handsome Woman, Willimantic, Connecticut
June 22 – Pittsburgh, PA
June 23 – Columbus/Cleveland, Ohio
June 24 – Kalamazoo, MI
June 25 – Indianapolis, Indiana
June 26 – Swerp Mansion, Chicago, IL

say we need some help with some dates!


1- where are you from?

We’re from small town in Malaysia called Gombak .


2- what do you do in the band?

I’m the bass player.


3- what are your upcoming projects?

We will have a split 10” with Namatjira from Russia and maybe

a discography CD or something. 

4- tell us something that we don’t know but should know about your band.

1 of us are pro-skaters , 1 are weedeater . 



5- what bands do you like these days? what have you listened to today?

Not much , probably the new Comadre and Loma Preita .


6- do you have friends in bands or who run labels/zines that we should

know about?

I ran a tape label called Utarid Tapes here , Zine are almost dead here in Malaysia

but we still have Shock & Awe zine , Mosh zine , Dead Pigs Zine & Altar Zine .


7- why are you in a band and what do you want to accomplish in said band?

We’re just friends hanging out together writing music , we’ll try to go further like

go tour and records more songs , only time will tell.


8- how did you decide upon your band’s name?

The name came from Reversal Of Man’s songtitle. 


9- when was the last time you slept on a floor?

when i was on tour with Comadre in Australia.


10- do you have anything more to say?

keep on going support the scene , need more skramz zine / blog!! 


-answered by Arwith Utarid / Quantis

A Mighty Ship: someone tags the bathroom at soybomb and all the dude bros get pissed...


someone tags the bathroom at soybomb and all the dude bros get pissed cause it’s someones house. but people coming into the space who have CONSISTENTLY asked soybomb to remove their offensive signs that use shitty language and that insinuate offensive behaviour get called a bunch of pc-fun ruining…

soybomb is one of the best venue, not only in Toronto and its runs by some very good people.

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We're playing with LOMA PRIETA tonight in a basement. Am I stoked? That's just crazy!

Crows-An-Wra - new ep



Hello! This is our new band. The record has been a long time in the making, massive thanks to everyone that has helped with it. Check it out here! (More info on the physical release etc will be online sometime tonight!) Cheers, Mikee, Greg, Porter and Sam x

This is a new band with members of Ravachol. Enjoy!

this shit is dope!! ex ravachol!!  love it love it love it

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Leaving Toronto and the hospitality of Skramden Yards was such sweet sorrow but we knowing Montreal was our next stop was enough to get everyone up at 9 a.m…. even though we didn’t leave till 1.

The show in Montreal was nuts. There was lots of excitement and beautiful people speaking French. At the end of Ittō’s set, a dude got slammed into a wall and starting bleeding from his head. He left a huge smear on the wall alongside a giant dent.

After the show was over, we all went out to get poutine. It was worth the wait. Yummmm.

I love these Chicago boys. Can’t wait to see them again.

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